SEE IT: Mandatory CRT Training for Penn HS Freshmen

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MISHAWAKA, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has obtained mandatory Critical Race Theory (CRT) training for Penn High School freshmen. The training is being taught under the guise of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion exercises in at least one Freshman Connections class called PCC/IVYT111. A copy of the training can be found below.

The assignment starts off seemingly harmless, discussing the Diversity Wheel. The initial questions ask for things like the student’s favorite food and book. However, the questions quickly progress into inappropriate territory, asking about the student’s race and sexual orientation.

Next, the assignment asks the students to take two implicit bias tests. The list to choose from includes race, transgender and sexuality to name a few.

The assignment goes on to a video about another practicum of CRT; unconscious bias. You can view that video below.

This comes on the heels of RNM uncovering a Master’s thesis written by a Penn High School English teacher describing how she has already incorporated CRT into her teachings. The thesis also describes a roadmap of how she believes CRT can be included across the district.

RNM reached out to PHM spokesperson, Lucha Ramey, and Superintendent Jerry Thacker to get comment on the curriculum and to see if this is being taught in every Freshman class. As of publication, neither had responded.

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