READ IT: Professor’s “Nice White Parents” assignment

Hubert Izienicki, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Purdue Northwest

WESTVILLE, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has obtained an assignment from a radical Purdue Northwest Professor’s Intro Sociology class. Concerned parents sent RNM the racist assignment, that attacks “white parents.” named as Purdue Racist Assignment.

“The purpose of this assignment is to examine how race and social class interact to create social (dis)advantage.” The assignment reads.

The assignment involves students listening to a podcast from NPR’s This American Life. The podcast starts with the commentator describing the “inordinate amount of power” white parents have at a particular public school. You can listen to the entire podcast below.

Students are then asked to answer the following questions.

“How did the actions of white parents make some students and parents feel excluded and devalued?”

“What could have the white parents do (sic) to make sure that their children’s needs were met without alienating or devaluing other parents and students?”

REAL News Michiana is working on obtaining the Purdue Racist Assignment podcast students were forced to listen to. You can see the entire assignment below:

The man who gave out the assignment is Hubert Izienicki. According to the PNW website, Izienicki is an assistant professor of sociology and his “research interests lie at the intersection of sexuality, immigration and identity. Most recently, he studied migration experiences of sexual minority men in Chicago (USA) and Warsaw (Poland). Currently, he is working on a project that examines representation of LGBTQ characters in children picture books.”

RNM reached out to Izienicki and PNW’s Dean of Students office for comment. As of publication, we have not received a response.

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  1. Parents who send their children to these SIC’s,
    Socialist Indoctrination Centers, that we once called public schools, need to get their kids out of them immediately. Homeschool or private or parochial schools are the only answer provided you check with the curriculum to make sure your kids aren’t being indoctrinated there also. And college?! Fuggetaboutit! Be an electrician, plumber or carpenter!


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