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GO WOKE: SJC Bar Pushes CRT on Local Attorneys

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. — The St. Joseph County Bar Association is pushing Critical Race Theory onto local attorneys through mandated Continued Legal Education (CLE). Attorneys are required to receive 36 credits of CLE every three years.

The SJC Bar Association hosts CLE events to provide opportunities to complete those hours. Last week, an all-day event held in South Bend included a panel discussion called Myths about Racism in America: Debunked — with the following description:

This is a call to action. “We know how to be racist. We know how to pretend to not be racist. Now let’s know how to be antiracist.” This quote from the book, “How To Be An Antiracist,” by Ibram X. Kendi allows the legal community to challenge themselves to be better. We will only achieve true justice in our community if we challenge ourselves, each other and our judiciary to be truly anti racist and work together to get there.

Kendi, one of the foremost critical race theorists in the county, posits that all white people are racist and oppressors. All people of color are oppressed.

An attendee provided the following picture of the event’s agenda.

The training also included a section called LGBTQ Competency with the following description:

Learn about core concepts for cultivating LGBTQ-affirming spaces and relationships and how to implement best practices for an LGBTQ+ affirming office. The training will also cover the intersections between LGBTQ competency and the Indiana Rules of Professional Conduct and Code of Judicial Ethics.

RNM reached out to the SJC Bar Association for comment. The organization’s executive director said she will be giving RNM a call to discuss the issues this afternoon or evening.

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