OPINION: GOP Commissioner Stokes Racial Tension Over Map Debate. Here’s Why He’s A Race-Baiting Grifter

Commissioner Derek Dieter, St. Joseph County 2nd District

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — County Commissioner Derek Dieter is a race-baiting grifter. There, I said it.

Listen, I liked Derek. I LIKED him. After he switched parties from Democrat to Republican to flip the 2nd district of the St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners, he seemed to act true to conservative values. However, after the past week, it’s obvious he will do anything for himself. That includes stoking racial tension in order to get his own way. Since new proposed district maps drawn up by the GOP have essentially made sure he will lose re-election and his seat will always go to a Democrat, he has joined the Dems to do what they do best, call anything they don’t like “racist.” The new map also strengthens the two other commissioner districts in the GOP’s favor.

The map is good for the GOP. It’s good for the county. It’s good for the citizens. But, it’s bad for Dieter. And, like an actual racist, he, a white man, thinks he knows what is best for the minority community. He does not. Luckily, conservatives know minorities can think for themselves and don’t need race-hustling Derek Dieter to tell them what to think.

I know for a fact that Dieter reached out to the St. Joseph County NAACP to help elevate his calls of racism. He joined other Democrats to form a clown-show of a townhall meeting hosted by the Democrat run League of Women Voters last night (every one of their board members voted in Democrat primaries). Where, all he had to do was sit back and let the bogus accusations of racism fly. He’s planning to lay back, relax and hope the mudslinging sticks to Republicans other than Dieter. Here’s a newsflash Derek; you’re the one who’s trotting in on the fake white horse, wearing the white suit. The mud is all sticking to you.

Just take a look at the maps for yourself. Below is the current district layout — you can see gerrymandered sections of areas cut out and added into other districts for no reason but to give Democrats an advantage from when they drew up the map in 2011.

This is the new proposed map. It eliminates those bogus lines and allows areas to be fairly represented based on population, location and the needs of its constituency.

Here’s why the maps are good for everyone, except grifting Dieter:


For the first time in the County’s history, this map would help elevate the voice of the City of South Bend. The citizens will not have their voices diluted and silenced by being divided up into the 3 commissioner districts. The map allows South Bend to have a Commissioner who actually represents the city. The city which, by the way, makes up 1/3 of the county’s population.


Mishawaka is not South Bend. However, its residents had their voices silenced and diluted by having half of South Bend thrown into the commissioner district with them. That has prevented those residents from having a commissioner to advocate for their needs, not the needs of South Bend. Newsflash: There are minorities who live in Mishawaka too.


These maps finally give county residents a seat at the table. Now, they will have a commissioner who represents the unincorporated county and smaller towns. They do not live in South Bend and have had their voices silenced by including portions of the city in their district. People have fled South Bend to Granger and other areas for a reason. South Bend is a failed city with terrible leadership. The people living in Granger and rural areas deserve to have their voices heard, not dictated to by the same clowns running the show they just fled from.

Derek knows this. But, he doesn’t care. The map is bad for him and him alone. He now has no political home, except the house of Dieter. The map will pass. And, in my opinion, Dieter should resign in disgrace.

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