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PHM Middle School Shows Kids Left-Wing COVID Propaganda Produced by Extreme Left Company, VOX

GRANGER, Ind. — REAL News Michiana is working to get more information about a COVID propaganda piece that was shown to at least some middle school children at Penn Harris Madison’s Discovery Middle School, according to parents. Parents tell RNM, the video was shown to at least two health classes before it was pulled after parents complained.

“I opted in to get emails and lists of everything my child is doing.” One, parent who wished not to be named, said. “(I got an email) that said on Wednesday and Thursday (of last week) they would be watching a documentary from Netflix titled COVID propaganda Explained.”

“I watched it. I watched the whole thing. It was a three part documentary and I was not happy with what I saw.” She explained. “I had it opened on my phone and it was produced by VOX… I was like, I’m not okay with this. This is not an a-political educational tool. This is already bias and now you have it in front of my kid.”

The documentary includes in depth interviews from left-wing political heavyweights like Bill Gates and pushes vaccines as the answer to end the COVID pandemic.

“These kids are 12 and 13 years old. They are still impressionable.” She said. “When you are showing kids something like this, what are they going to do? ‘Well my teacher said’ or ‘in school we learned…'”

Parents shared emails with RNM from the administration that explained the class does lessons on communicable diseases and the “film” was added to the lessons to bring it up-to-date. It also explains that the administration pulled the videos while they reviewed them. It’s unclear if the videos were reviewed to begin with and who ultimately decided to share them in an 8th grade health class.

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