PHM Middle School Teacher: All Cops Are Bastards

Danielle Cortez, Schmucker Middle School Science Teacher

MISHAWAKA, Ind. — Newly uncovered social media posts show a Penn Harris Madison middle school teacher promoting the term ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards) while working at Schmucker Middle School and potentially incorporating the slogan and beliefs into classroom curriculum.

Danielle Cortez, a third year science teacher at Schmucker Middle, said the following in a December 2020 Twitter post:

Principal: “Ok, so in a small group of 2 with someone sitting near you, discuss how your own unique life experiences, cultural identity, live (sic) events, or believe (sic) systems have shaped the way you teach your classes.”

“*Me and @nickishandsome (presumably another teacher), both grew up poor, ACAB/BLM/et all*”

The ACAB slogan has been adopted by the radical communist Antifa group, and was seen graffitied in cities across the country during the 2020 Black Lives Matter riots.

However, this is not the first time Cortez has shared disturbing content on social media. REAL News Michiana wrote a story in September where Cortez posted a video on TikTok where she bragged about lying to parents about a child’s “preferred” pronouns and name they wish to be called, in order to protect “transgender” middle-schoolers. You can view the video below and read more about that situation here.

In another post on Twitter, Cortez brags about a 7th grader “coming out” to her as “trans” and appears to have promoted it in front of the entire class.

“Another student came out to me as trans today. Imagine being a 7th grader and feeling so safe and accepted in front of your peers and school community to be able to say ‘oh yeah you can call me ___ and I prefer __/__ pronouns if you want’ in the entire GoogleMeet. THE JOY!”

Cortez also appears to be pushing Critical Race Theory teachings in the classroom. She shared a post about how to incorporate “Anti-Racist” teachings into lessons. The “Anti-Racist” push has been promulgated by critical race theorists such as Ibram X Kendi, who posits all white people are inherently racist because of their skin color, while all people of color are victims and oppressed.

That post was made in August of this year, despite Superintendent Jerry Thacker telling parents CRT is not being taught at PHM schools.

RNM sent the attached email below to Cortez, PHM’s media contact and Superintendent Thacker on Monday morning. As of Tuesday, none of them had responded. However, Cortez’ twitter account has since been deleted.

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