WATCH: Parent Calls Out School Board. Offers Parents Help to Pull Kids From Public Schools.

MIDDLEBURY, Ind. — In a speech to the Middlebury Community Schools’ Board, A Middlebury parent announced he had pulled his children from the school district and urged other parents to consider doing the same.

“By this time we know it’s not about masks.” Kirk Hertsel said as he started his speech. “We know what’s coming down the road.”

“There’s a lot of outrage. A lot of people are not happy with what’s going on. And, when it all came down to what we were seeing personally as a family, we decided to take our kids out of public school.” Hertsel continued. “It’s a scary decision to make. But ever since we made that decision, we feel better and better about the decision we made.”

“If there is anybody out there, I’ve seen a lot of people reaching out, we are forming a group to help assist those who wish to get out of a public school system into a non-public school system.” Hertsel added. “We’re going to address things like social issues, financial issues, things like that, to make sure you have the choice to be in a setting that is right for your family and your child.”

Hertsel also announced a meeting with likeminded parents where they will be planning a community homeschooling project. That meeting is planned for this Thursday night from 6:00pm-10:00. If you’re interested in learning more and getting location details, you can contact Kirk Hertsel at

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