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RNM Submits First Court Filing in Fight For Free Press

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — REAL News Michiana filed its first of many court filings in our fight for a free press. The first step is getting an erroneous protective order overturned that is preventing RNM from visiting the County-City Building. That order was filed by Democrat Deputy of the St. Joseph County Voter Registration Office, Aisha Avance, who falsely claimed RNM went to her place of employment, harassed her and refused to leave. RNM recorded the entire interaction, you can view it yourself below.

You can read more about that incident and view the protective order yourself here.

RNM was at the office investigating potential fraud of tax dollars involving Avance. RNM has uncovered documents showing what appear to be illegal changes in the names on city grants of which Avance was a party to. RNM plans to release a story on that soon. However, the protective order is hindering RNM’s ability to gather everything we need in this good-faith investigation.

In response to the order, RNM has requested a hearing to overturn what RNM believes to be an illegal order. You can view those documents below.

RNM is also consulting with attorneys about filing a federal case to first get an injunction against the order on first amendment grounds. RNM is also discussing federal and state actions to take against the county, city, Avance and others for damages caused by this illegal action and other soon-to-be released information.

Avance is a public figure and public employee who is paid with county tax dollars. She is in no way protected from public scrutiny or immune to press investigations.

Updates on RNM’s investigation into the potential grant fraud and further legal action will be posted soon.

Court battles like these are the reason RNM needs support from the community. Public officials will do all they can to hide their corruption. The only option is taking them to court. To support RNM in this fight, become a subscriber by visiting here.


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