Concord School Refuses to Give Parent Curriculum

ELKHART, Ind. — A Concord High School counselor refused to provide some of the school’s curriculum to a parent, according to an email chain provided to REAL News Michiana. In the email chain given to RNM by the parent, the counselor rejected her request for the school’s Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum. Some SEL lessons have been laced with teachings derived from Critical Race Theory, like microagressions and anti-racism. You can see examples here and here.

The parent, who wished not to be named, provided email communication between herself and school counselor, Maria Crespo. Below is Crespo’s response to the curriculum request.

Teachers are the only ones who have access to the curriculum. We cannot share this curriculum with anyone outside of concord. if you want to get an idea about the curriculum you could check this link you 

“I requested to know what is being taught in SEL because there are other agendas being pushed.” The parent tells RNM. “I went to the freshman parent meeting and watched the slide show presentation. My first red flag was the first thing mentioned was Social/Emotional Support, CHARACTER STRONG, a new social emotional capacity building program for all students through SRT/Homeroom.”

“I have every right to know what my child is being taught in school.” The parent continued. “I was actually shocked. I kept hearing stories of how schools are not being honest with the curriculum in SEL and I thought that Concord would never do that. This is not the same school I attended from kindergarten to graduation.”

RNM has submitted a Freedom of Information Act request for the curriculum. RNM also requested comment from the principal, counselor and superintendent regarding the refusal of the parent’s request.

The parent included the entire email exchange between herself and Crespo. You can read the entire exchange below.



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