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BLM Silent on Cuba Uprising, Instead Calls for End of Capitalism, Supports Notorious Human Trafficking Gang

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — While thousands of people took to the street this past weekend to protest the communist regime in Cuba, the communist South Bend Black Lives Matter organization has stayed unusually silent.

Videos of the protests have shown true courage, with freedom seeking men and women risking their lives to simply yell “freedom” and “Liberty” and carry an American flag while doing so. You can read more about the protests here.

The South Bend BLM organization is normally extremely vocal concerning current events. They’ve recently taken to social media to say “F*** the 4th” and “F*** the Olympics,” as seen below.

The organization has also blamed capitalism for a human trafficking incident on the Ivory Coast, calling for the end of capitalism instead of calling out the actions of the people involved (see the social media post below). The irony here is South Bend BLM leadership has a close relationship with members of a notorious sex trafficking street gang, the Latin Kings. Below are pictures with South Bend BLM Member, Regina Williams-Preston, and organization Co-Founder, Jorden Giger, with known high-ranking Latin King member, Eli Cantu.

South Bend BLM Co-Founder, Jorden Giger, far left. Eli Cantu, Latin King member, far right.
BLM’s Regina Preston-Williams with Latin King Member Eli Cantu
Regina Preston-Williams with Eli Cantu again.
Latin King member, Eli Cantu, is seen here with his arm across the back of BLM South Bend Co-Founder, Jorden Giger.

The Latin Kings, a large street gang based out of Chicago, is notorious for being involved in human sex trafficking. You can read about incidents here, here and here.

Giger also posted a picture of “Latin King Lives Matter” on his social media. You can see the post below.

REAL News Michiana reached out to the local BLM chapter. They did not respond prior to publication.


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