WATCH: ND Makes Video Bragging About Traumatizing Students

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — In one of the most least self-aware public relations campaigns, the University of Notre Dame produced a video essentially bragging about the trauma its draconian lockdown measures caused its student body.

The video titled “Was it worth it to be HERE?,” interviews several students who sit down in front of a camera and then remove their masks. An interviewer then asks the students, “What do you think was the toughest part about being here?”

Here are some examples of the responses:

“I felt like I was stuck here.”

“I got put into quarantine because one of my other roommates tested positive, and this was the day before I was supposed to go to my grandfather’s funeral.”

“Everybody had to like, bunker in their rooms. It was like, frightening.”

“I ended up having like, a panic attack because I was so stressed out. And, in that moment I was like, it was affecting my mental health as well.”

“That was probably the lowest point. When I thought that senior year was going to be cut short before August was even over.”

“It’s not about what you actually get, in getting COVID and the symptoms you have, it’s the pointing the finger and like, ‘Oh my gosh, did you hear that person got COVID? Did you hear why they got it? Did you hear that now their roommates can’t do this?’… I think that was the toughest part.”

All of this comes as statistics show people age 18-29 had a hospitalization rate from COVID of .0785%. Death rates were even lower, only 2,323 people in that age group have died from COVID, according to CDC statistics. With 600,000 reported COVID deaths, people in that age group make up LESS THAN HALF OF A PERCENT of all COVID deaths in the United states at .387%.

This also comes as REAL News Michiana uncovered collusion between Notre Dame and the county health department to target a local business that is frequented by Notre Dame students. You can read that story here.

You can view the entire video below:



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