Notre Dame Law student group celebrates Women’s History by pretending Amy Coney Barrett isn’t a Supreme Court Justice

Notre Dame Student Bar Association Diversity and Inclusion Newsletter

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — The Notre Dame Student Bar Association’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee sent a newsletter celebrating Women’s History month by ignoring arguably the most esteemed attorney the school has ever produced, Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett (who happens to be a woman).

The publication pictures every other female Supreme Court Justice in the history of the country. There is no mention of Barrett, who not only graduated summa cum lade from the Notre Dame Law School, she also taught at the school for nearly two decades and was named the “distinguished professor of the year” on 3 different occasions. Barrett is the first Notre Dame graduate and faculty member to be appointed to the high court.

REAL News Michiana reached out to all of the board members of the Student Bar Association. Requests for comment were not returned. Below is a copy of the newsletter.


  1. I hope that Amy Coney Barrett finds worthy causes for donations anywhere other than her alma mater as she continues to be a successful role model.


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