Prosecutor dropped Machine Gun charges against 12-year-old’s alleged killer earlier this year

Nagomba White — Mugshot: St. Joseph County Jail

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has discovered the Democrat run St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office dropped charges for Possession of a Machine Gun against a man earlier this year who is now in custody for his alleged part in murdering a 12-year-old boy. 21-year-old Nagomba White is currently facing murder charges related to the October 27th shooting death of 12-year-old Josiah Small. Police arrested White just last year for possession of a machine gun, an incident that was covered by RNM at the time. The prosecutor chose to dismiss those charges in March.


12-year-old Small and and several other children were walking in the area of Indiana and Prairie Avenues when he was shot and killed. According to charging documents, White was with several other people in a car when there was some sort of altercation between him and the group of children who were with Small. White and another man got out of the vehicle, chased the children and shot at them. Small was found dead at the scene. An unnamed 14-year-old had an injury to the leg.

“When a 12-year-old gets killed in our community, I think that is something we need to be able to take seriously, and to let folks in our community know that the South Bend Police Department has taken this incredibly seriously.” Democrat St. Joseph County Prosecutor Ken Cotter said, according to WNDU.

However, it does not appear Cotter mentioned anything about his office dropping gun charges against the alleged killer only months ago.


On December 2nd, 2022, South Bend Police arrested White for Possession of a Machine Gun following a traffic stop. According to charging documents, White had a Glock pistol that had been modified with what is called a “Glock Switch” device, making it into an automatic weapon. He also had a high capacity .40 caliber drum style magazine. The most common .40 caliber Glock drum magazines hold 50 rounds.

On March 30th, the St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office filed paperwork with the court to drop the charges against White. According to court documents, the Prosecutor’s Office chose to dismiss the charges “because DNA results for this case are still pending and will not be completed before trial.”

Judge John Marnocha signed off on the Motion to Dismiss on April 5th.

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  1. Since the charging documents are sealed, should it be assumed that Small’s execution was drug and/or gang related like the Horston killing a few months ago? Mules these days are as young as 6 years old.


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