Brandywine teachers/activists team up with actual Antifa member to intimidate opponents, journalists

Picture of Brandywine Teachers Abilyn Janke and Debbie Carew overlayed on a photo of Elkhart Antifa member Tonna Robinson

NILES, Mich. — Teachers and activists who are fighting to give children unfettered access to pornography at Brandywine schools appear to have partnered up with a self-identifying member of Antifa who has made a name for herself by threatening and attacking conservatives and journalists for the past several years. According to posts and commentary on the private Facebook page called “Brandywine Alumni, Parents, and Educators for Educational Freedom,” the group has at least been in loose contact with Tonna Robinson of Elkhart, Indiana, and her group of Antifa members sometime in the past several weeks.

Robinson and her self-identified group of Antifa members historically worked as what they called “Deathscorts” outside of the now closed Whole Woman’s Health abortion clinic in South Bend in which they would escort women into the facility to get abortions. One of the members was investigated for nearly running over a congresswoman with his car in 2021. That same member was investigated by the FBI for threats against a pro-life organization. Robinson also appears to be a member of the Satanic Temple.

Tonna Robinson poses outside of the Whole Woman’s Health Abortion Clinic wearing a “Deathscort” shirt

RNM has been writing stories exposing local members of Antifa and the Satanic Temple, including Robinson, for the past several years. Since then, Robinson has relentlessly attacked RNM, its founder and his family.

“This just came across my feed. This is the ‘wonderful’ Clifton French from Real News Michiana. This is who our board president uses to ‘leak’ information!” One member of the group posted on the page. The post includes a link to a post made by Robinson attacking RNM’s Clifton French with false and libelous information.

“I love this Tonna! We need her!!!” Another member of the group responded.

English Teacher Debbie Carew then attempted to organize a boycott of a local business that rented space to an organization for an event in which French attended as a guest speaker.


Robinson has not been shy about her affiliation with the leftist paramilitary group. Her social media accounts claim she joined in Antifa riots, attacks Christians and consistently wishes harm on police officers.

In October of 2021, she took to Facebook to Cheer on the arson of a South Bend Police Department squad car.

In the post Robinson says “Hometown Hero” with a fire emoji next to it. Under her commentary is a release from SBPD regarding the arson. She alters the release to tell people to “shut the f*** up” if they have information regarding the crime.

What’s even more disturbing is the commentary under her post appearing to call for police to be killed.

“Damn. Nobody inside? I wanted more good cops.” A poster who goes by the name Natascha Hanson, said. This is a play on Antifa’s “only good cop is a dead cop” mantra. Robinson reacted to the post seeming to be displeased that no officer was killed in the arson.

In August of 2021, Robinson started a social media smear campaign against a veteran owned apparel store, falsely claiming the veteran sells hats with swastikas on them.

Tonna Robinson posted the following story on social medial, tagging the local store in the post. “Op1vet traveled to Sturgis, SD (sic) to peddle hate with other nazi (sic) vendors.” She wrote in the post along with a link to news story from the event that included pictures of swastika hats. Op1vet is not mentioned in the story itself.

This is at least the second time the communist Antifa activist attacked the store and its owner. The first smear campaign started around Memorial Day of 2021, when the business launched its first brick and mortar store in Goshen.

Op1vet sells items that support the military and police, like the “thin blue line” and “don’t tread on me” flag.

In the first attack, Robinson was upset that the store sells parody items of the communist Black Lives Matter organization.

Robinson has made a name for herself attacking businesses and conservatives for supporting any military or police cause. You can read about her efforts to remove a police support flag at Fiddlers Hearth in South Bend here. She also attacked a gift-shop in Wawasee owned by a minority immigrant for selling a shirt supporting the GOP.

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