Oops: Sheriff and Commissioner candidate give wrong voting date in new ad

Screenshot of political ad featuring St. Joseph County Sheriff William Redman and St. Joseph County Commissioner Candidate Don Westerhausen urging voters to go to the polls on the wrong date

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. — In a new political ad cut by Sheriff William Redman and St. Joseph County Commissioner Candidate, Don Westerhausen, the two politicians urge voters to cast their votes for them on November 9th. The only problem — election day is on November 8th.

The ad was corrected only after it was widely mocked online.

“BREAKING: Local Democrats release official ad encouraging voters to vote November 9th! (Election day is November 8th)” Hoosier Conservative Voices posted to Facebook.

“Remember, all the Dems vote early and often anyhow. They’re hoping you don’t pay attention and miss it.” Another user posted.

Redman and Westerhausen have both been in the hot seat this campaign season.

A REAL News Michiana investigation uncovered Redman had been putting DARE money into a private account for 13 years with no record of how the money was spent and with potentially $100,000 of missing funds.

Reports also surfaced about Redman being put into the DARE program after he requested to be taken off of patrol when he was a rookie cop. Redman made the request because he was afraid he may be injured or killed. He spent nearly his entire career in the DARE role.

And, earlier this week, RNM published a story regarding Redman’s support of a local LGBTQ group that organizes and hosts drag shows for kids. The Sheriff actually spoke at the LGBTQ Center during a youth event last year.

Similarly, it was uncovered that Westerhausen was campaign fundraising on a push to continue to provide children with pornographic material in schools and public libraries.

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