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Grassroots Conservatism Overtakes Indy Establishment at Republican State Convention

WRITTEN BY: Benjamin D. Horvath, Hoosier Conservative Voices

Diego Morales and Dan Elliott
Dan Elliott and Diego Morales

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Two political outsiders claimed victory at the Indiana Republican State Convention in Indianapolis this past weekend: Diego Morales for secretary of state, and Dan Elliott for the state treasurer. If it were up to Indianapolis, we’d have elected different nominees.

Diego crisscrossed all 92 Indiana counties – multiple times – and built a grassroots coalition of Flyover Indiana which proved stronger than the Indy Donut counties which hosted Saturday’s festivities.

Dan Elliott – a farmer, family man, and social conservative from southern Indiana – won on the third-round of voting and by a mere three votes over his Indy-backed, well-financed opponent.

The grassroots frustration with the party elites was palpable all weekend: Republican Governor Eric Holcomb was booed by a crowd of delegates on Friday evening, following a series of baffling decisions from Covid-19 masks & shutdowns, permissive abortion policies, and an inexplicable veto of common-sense legislation which protected female sports.

On Saturday, the proceedings were cordial – but grassroots enthusiasm for Morales’s campaign was felt from the moment people walked into the building. Morales supporters high-fived each other, chanted in support of their candidate, and rejoiced when the final vote tally announced his victory.

We were all Republicans in the convention hall – but not all were ready to reward conservative candidates who bootstrapped campaigns, connected with rural Hoosiers spattered across counties which stretched far beyond the center of state politics.

Your Republican Party won, and Eric Holcomb’s lost on Saturday. Despite predictable arguments the Party should nominate more “electable” candidates for November, we overcame the donor-centric Indy Bubble.

Perhaps there is yet time to #SaveIndiana.

Ben Horvath is the Executive Director of St. Joe County-based PAC Hoosier Conservative Voices. E-mail him at ben@hoosierconservativevoices.com to learn how to support & learn more about grassroots conservative efforts locally.

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